Lleida Air Challenge 2019

Two months into being a qualified flight instructor, I was given the opportunity to fly the multi engined aircraft (DA42) since finishing my commercial training in December 2018.  We were to man the static display at the Lleida Air Challenge 2019 the first weekend in June 2019. Two instructors, two students and several hundred excited aviation enthusiasts wanting to jump into the aircraft over a … Continue reading Lleida Air Challenge 2019

Hour Building across Britain and Europe

After watching Arthur Williams, Flying Across Britain, it made me very nostalgic about my own time carving routes in the sky. Since passing my PPL in 2015 I only recently completed my hour building adventure whilst on ATPL ground school in 2018. Having passed my PPL in the summer of 2015, Over the next 18 months (December 2016) I did 25 hours command time in … Continue reading Hour Building across Britain and Europe

The Wild North

I had planned a Commercial Pilots License (CPL) qualifier via Humberside and Sherburn returning to Stapleford. However, weather on the day at the end of May 2017, proved unviable for Sherburn so instead I planned Humberside and Fenland. This trip coincidently had also been the furthest North I have travelled in command of an aircraft. I filmed the route out to Humberside and then the … Continue reading The Wild North

Compton via the South Coast

A clear weekend in the UK is a rare event, the weekend in the middle of April 2017 saw high cloud bases (circa 4500ft), relative high pressure and great visibility. On Saturday, I flew to Compton Abbas and on Sunday I flew to Leicester. I filmed the route out to Compton (however, a rookie error surfaced and the camera died on the return): Stapleford (EGSG) … Continue reading Compton via the South Coast