Phase 1 – Ground School (ATPL Theory)

On the 20 November 2017 I started my first full day on ATPL theory ground school. It has been 14 weeks since starting and I have sat my first three EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) exams. My first 3 months have been eventful, stressful, sometimes filled with school drama and otherwise very routine up early and studying late. My school, Airways Aviation, is based in … Continue reading Phase 1 – Ground School (ATPL Theory)

The Wild North

I had planned a Commercial Pilots License (CPL) qualifier via Humberside and Sherburn returning to Stapleford. However, weather on the day at the end of May 2017, proved unviable for Sherburn so instead I planned Humberside and Fenland. This trip coincidently had also been the furthest North I have travelled in command of an aircraft. I filmed the route out to Humberside and then the … Continue reading The Wild North

Compton via the South Coast

A clear weekend in the UK is a rare event, the weekend in the middle of April 2017 saw high cloud bases (circa 4500ft), relative high pressure and great visibility. On Saturday, I flew to Compton Abbas and on Sunday I flew to Leicester. I filmed the route out to Compton (however, a rookie error surfaced and the camera died on the return): Stapleford (EGSG) … Continue reading Compton via the South Coast

First Flyout – 2017

A welcome but unexpected opportunity to fly cropped up on the 02 Jan 2017 when a fellow organiser of the London Flyout meetup group was visiting a friend in Coventry. By luck, a winter high pressure system sat over the UK making for smooth flying conditions and blue skies albeit frosty conditions. This meant we took two Piper Warriors from North East London (North Weald … Continue reading First Flyout – 2017