Phase 2 – The ATPL Glass is Half Full

With trepidation and wonder as to where the time went, on the 9th and 10th May I sat 4 more EASA theory exams at the Coventry exam centre ran by L3.  These exams marked my half way point through all of my subjects, over 75% ground school completion on time, and with only 10 weeks remaining from starting my last phase to completion of ground … Continue reading Phase 2 – The ATPL Glass is Half Full

Phase 1 – Ground School (ATPL Theory)

On the 20 November 2017 I started my first full day on ATPL theory ground school. It has been 14 weeks since starting and I have sat my first three EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) exams. My first 3 months have been eventful, stressful, sometimes filled with school drama and otherwise very routine up early and studying late. My school, Airways Aviation, is based in … Continue reading Phase 1 – Ground School (ATPL Theory)

The Wild North

I had planned a Commercial Pilots License (CPL) qualifier via Humberside and Sherburn returning to Stapleford. However, weather on the day at the end of May 2017, proved unviable for Sherburn so instead I planned Humberside and Fenland. This trip coincidently had also been the furthest North I have travelled in command of an aircraft. I filmed the route out to Humberside and then the … Continue reading The Wild North

Compton via the South Coast

A clear weekend in the UK is a rare event, the weekend in the middle of April 2017 saw high cloud bases (circa 4500ft), relative high pressure and great visibility. On Saturday, I flew to Compton Abbas and on Sunday I flew to Leicester. I filmed the route out to Compton (however, a rookie error surfaced and the camera died on the return): Stapleford (EGSG) … Continue reading Compton via the South Coast