Instrument Rating

The final hurdle in my commercial training – the Instrument Rating. It allows the pilot to fly in poorer conditions down to a limit usually imposed by weather, aircraft limitations or minimums imposed by the operator of the aircraft. The pilot flies the aircraft with sole reference to the instruments (other than take off). In doing so, simulating IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions) and operating under IFR … Continue reading Instrument Rating

Commercial Pilots License

Before I turned thirty, my goal was to have my Commercial Pilots License.  Saturday 10th November 2018 was a very special and nerve racking day. After 3 days of cancelling my skills test due to poor weather, a 2 hour window of beautiful weather appeared on Saturday morning which heard my callsign, “Exam18” in my DA42 G-HAFT. It has taken a week since I passed … Continue reading Commercial Pilots License

Multi Engine Flying

On the 30 August 2018, I had my first instructional flight on the Diamond DA42 Twin Star aircraft in Oxford airport. I started with my Multi Engine Piston (MEP) Rating which is 6 hours of flight including: familiarisation, general handling, asymmetric flight and circuits plus a theory exam. I am writing this, having completed the MEP (6 hours) and Basic Instrument Flight module (BIFM – … Continue reading Multi Engine Flying