Hour Building across Britain and Europe

After watching Arthur Williams, Flying Across Britain, it made me very nostalgic about my own time carving routes in the sky. Since passing my PPL in 2015 I only recently completed my hour building adventure whilst on ATPL ground school in 2018.

Having passed my PPL in the summer of 2015, Over the next 18 months (December 2016) I did 25 hours command time in a single engine piston aircraft. In 2017, I more than doubled that, as I was about to start ATPL theory ground school in November. During ground school I did my night rating and some practice to keep me current, 7 hours’ worth. On the 24th June 2018 I hit the magical 100-hour Pilot in Command number returning from the Isle of Wight on a blue-sky summers’ day with a few course mates.

A few random stats:

  • 85hours 35mins
  • 5090nm navigational flown
  • 33 different airfields
  • 4 types of aircraft – mostly variants of Piper Warrior/Arrow and Cessna 150/2

For those in similar shoes and wanting ideas for the Commercial Pilots License cross country qualifier (300nm, 2 airfield stops) who are based in and around the London area, I did 2:

Westbound returning via Salisbury Plain and the South Coast (Total: 370nm)

Leg 1: Stapleford to Dunkeswell via Princes Risborough and Taunton

Leg 2: Dunkeswell to Compton Abbas via Honiton

Leg 3: Compton Abbas to Stapleford via Lymington, Ryde, Deanland and Brands Hatch

Channel crossing via the Isle of Wight returning via Fairoaks (Total: 341nm)

Leg 1: Stapleford to Alderney via St Catherines Point (Isle of Wight)

Leg 2: Alderney to Fairoaks via Thorney Island and Ockenden VOR

Leg 3: Fairoaks to Stapleford via Brands Hatch

For those who are new to their PPL and want to gain experience, I would highly recommend joining a group like: Meetup.com – Flyouts from London – many of my hours have been spent with like minded pilots, building experience and enjoying the process.

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