The Wild North

I had planned a Commercial Pilots License (CPL) qualifier via Humberside and Sherburn returning to Stapleford. However, weather on the day at the end of May 2017, proved unviable for Sherburn so instead I planned Humberside and Fenland. This trip coincidently had also been the furthest North I have travelled in command of an aircraft.

I filmed the route out to Humberside and then the camera battery died just before I landed at Fenland. So instead of ending on a final approach to Fenland, I’ve composed a 2000%-time lapse of my 1hr 35min trip to Humberside totalling 4.5 minutes.

Outbound Stapleford (EGSG) -> Potters Bar -> Royston -> Spalding -> Billinghay -> Caistor VRP ->Humberside (EGNJ)

Inbound Humberside -> Caistor VRP -> Overhead East Kirkby -> Boston -> Fenland (EGCL)

Return Fenland -> Whittlesey -> Royston -> -> Stapleford (EGSG)

This was the first time I had soloed more than 250nm on my own and exceeded more than 3 hours of flying. CPL Qualifier here I come!

Happy watching!

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