Aviation History Through Two Airlines

The latter half of 2016 saw me see some success with aviation cadetships in two airlines that I follow and I hold in high regard. Both airlines have long standing cadet programmes that intake either PPL standard pilots or candidates with no flying experience. During this time, I did a lot of background preparation and would like to see some of it put to good use so have decided to publicise it here.

As you can imagine these cadetships are highly competitive and selective with single digit intakes where thousands tend to apply. With some luck and hard graft I managed to reach the final stages for both the airlines but unfortunately no further. Whilst this is disappointing, I feel as though I’ve done something right to get to both these stages in one year for two airlines. The two airlines that I am talking about are West Atlantic and Aer Lingus.

Most, if not all, would have heard of Aer Lingus but West Atlantic possibly not. Both these airlines provide very different services and specialise in different markets. One is a national carrier specialising in passenger transportation with a smaller freight arm (Aer Lingus) and the other is a specialist mail and express logistics freight carrier. At present, both airlines actually have similar sized fleets but comprise of different technologies. I didnt’t want my preperation work to go to waste and thought id illustrate the historical components of my research for both companies using a nice Timeline tool (link below). Both airlines are historically fascinating.

I couldn’t embed the timeline in WordPress. However, I have published them so can be accessed by clicking the airline name (They will look something like the picture below):

  1. Aer Lingus
  2. West Atlantic


I made the timelines in Timeline js which can be accessed here: https://timeline.knightlab.com/

Happy History!

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