Montage video of a Flight in a PA28 Warrior

Some memorable parts of a flight I took with a friend to Shoreham (from Stapleford) on the day of the Eastbourne Airshow in August 2015.

A tally-ho moment (just wish i had the RAF tash to back it up):

Waiting to take off at Shoreham at hold point K1 when I get the following radio message from Shoreham Tower:

  • “GSACO (me), holding at Kilo 1 for the run and break spitfire”

and quickly followed by the sound of a Merlin V12 roaring past overhead (keep your eyes peeled at about 2mins 20 seconds). This was aptly followed by another call from Shoreham Tower saying:

  • “GCO, Line up and wait after the landing spitfire”

Best repeat ive ever had to say!


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