Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away…

On the 15/07/2015, 2 days short of a month after passing my PPL Final handling test, I received my license in hand.

IMG_1085One year and four months of training, 9 ground exams and 2 practical exams later has landed me this little blue book that allows me to fly Single Engine Piston land aircraft. However, Let’s go back four weeks.

What did I decide was a good idea one week after passing; convert onto a different aircraft (PA-28 Warrior). Well recommended and keeps your mind focused on using your license but it is also worth considering the possible 4-8 week gap of license issue. I was lucky mine arrived in less than 4 weeks which meant I haven’t flown for 3 weeks which is a comparatively small amount of time. However, The CAA is known for being a lot worse on lead times.

After I did my final handling test and conversion, I took a couple of weeks to relax as handling a day job and then coming home to revise most nights is exhausting, let alone being branded as anti social by your loved ones! So the first time I have looked at my flying notes and books has been this week after receiving a call from the CAA last weekend saying my license will be with me on Wednesday. Anticipating the arrival, I booked myself into a PA-28 for a practice and general handling sortie to get back into the swing of things.

What does flying hold for me in the future? Well in the short term I have compiled a list of airfields that I’d like to visit nationally with friends, family and fellow flyers; a hop across the channel to France and the Channel Islands, and a longer European trip is also on the wish list. Likewise, a night rating, an IMC and conversions onto other more complex types of aircraft (Piper Arrow[PA-28R]) are also in my long term plan. Commercial is the dream and I will endeavour to keep my standard of flying up to par be it something that pans out or not.

At the end of my test, even though I passed, all I thought is that I had to be better. It wasn’t until I received my license and thanks to two epic flying instructors I didn’t fully appreciate what I had done. In the words of both of them “Welcome to a very privileged club!” and “Now you can go flying without a nagging instructor!”.

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